Flight School

The mission of Colonial Air Flight School is to inspire a lifelong passion for flying in our students. We accomplish this by delivering top quality flight instruction in a professional yet relaxed environment. Our flight instructors are learner focused and their priority is to help you develop into a skilled, confident and knowledgeable pilot.

Flying is easier than you might think, and frankly, most stick and rudder skills are learned in the first 10 hours. The remainder of your training focuses on navigation and real world flying. And real world flying is what it's all about. For additional information about our instructors and what keeps us passionate about flying, click here.


Steven Cockrell Steven Cockrell - CFII

Steve started flying in 1999, and earned his private pilot certificate just outside of Los Angeles in early 2000.

In 2004, he relocated to Florida to attend Delta Connection Academy. He again relocated, this time to Massachusetts to instruct at the Delta Connection Academy with Bridgewater State College.

Flying is not a job, it is a passion.

Steve currently has over 900 flight hours and approximately 475 hours of flight instruction. His current ratings include: Commercial pilot airplane, Single and Multiengine land; Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Airplane (CFII).


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