Line Service

Service from Touch Down to Wheels Up

New Bedford plane line service FBOColonial’s Line Service Department provides your aircraft with quality Avfuel fuels, while providing you and your passengers with genuine Red Carpet service. The department also provides transient and long term hangar for everything from a J-3 to a Citation X.

Our ramp is large enough to comfortably accommodate larger aircraft such as DC-9’s and G-V’s. Our experienced staff also provides full cargo handling services including forklift service and on-demand trucking, and there are never loading charges for hand loaded items. Even if all you need is a place to park and want some of our complimentary coffee and ice, we are always happy you came in.


Customs and VIP Management Services

Our highly trained staff has experience dealing with:

All aspects of event management; including but not limited to crowd control, media/press coverage, & photo op staging. Our facility has hosted a number of “large” arrivals including that of the Vice President of the United States; causing our staff to become familiar with security personnel & personal body gaurds, US Secret Service, FBI/ Dept. of Justice, State & Local Police, as well as privacy issues and “Need to Know” information sensitivity.

We can provide quick turns and hot refueling for helicopters. Our careful staff is able to do your freight handling, with our on-site fork lift, and all hand-loading of small items is completely free of charge.

Our facility is able to accommodate International arrivals through US Customs and Border Patrol. Clearing of customs is completely done on our ramp and we are USDA approved to accept regulated garbage. We can even re-fuel you while you’re getting cleared to make your stop with Colonial Air the absolute quickest turn possible.

Fuel Prices

Prices as of April 16, 2024*

  • Avgas 100LL : $7.50
  • AvjetA : $6.50
  • AvjetA w/ Prist Additive : $6.55

Prices are per US gallon and include all taxes and fees

Discount Programs
We offer a number of discount programs including volume discounts, frequent fueler discounts, and payment form discounts. We also accept discount fuelers. *Although fuel prices fluctuate daily, at Colonial Air we employ a “dampening factor” to absorb the minor variances in market price. This gives stability to our pricing and permits our customers to feel confident that a price quoted today will still be valid tomorrow.